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Arensco is a health and safety consultancy, formed in 2006. We have an experienced team of safety consultants to provide a wide range of health and safety consultancy services designed to suit medium and large enterprises. 
Full package consultation
This includes inspection, documentation, training and ongoing consultation to be able you to build up a complete health and safety management system. Nowadays, big companies (i.e. Aramco) require sub-contractors to have an effective health and safety management system in order to accept them. Our full package will be an ideal tool to build that system.
Specific case consultation
Some organizations have a specific occupational health issues such as Noise-induced hearing loss, Occupational respiratory diseases...etc. or an Occupational safety issue such as high rate of injuries in the workplace.  We can help to diagnose, analyze the causes of any H&S issues, and recommend to you how to put things right.
We can audit all your health and safety documentation, carry out site visit and conduct interviews with your employees in order to identify gaps and to help you to achieve international standards i.e. ISO 18001
Health and safety management will never work without training. Arensco can tailor training courses for you to fit your needs. Some examples of our common training are working at height, handling chemicals, environmental disaster, confined space, fire risk management, risk assessment, and much more.
We can conduct HSE inspection at any workplace to confirm compliance. Our inspection services are mostly required by Investor/client to check the sub-contractor’s compliance to the client’s standard. The inspection checklist will be agreed in advance with the client before work.

Drop in
Al Yarmouk St. Al Aqrabiya District
P.O.BOX 820, Khobar 31952. KSA.

Tel.   : +966 (13) 896 1590
Fax   : +966 (13) 896 1591

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