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With the growth of economy, and vast expansion of production... it has become vital to take precaution measure to ensure the least impact on the environment. Latley, it has becom a contdtion to conduct Environmental Studies on any new infrastructure. The apliciapility of such covers a wide range of aspects that need to be taken into consideration when scoping and preparing the EIA report.

 Mitigation measures can only be designed once studies are complete. The practicability of these studies are wide and cut costs in the long run. Not only, but protect investos from potential letigiation. 

Here, at Arensco, we emphisise the importance of such field, and therefore have invested in human resouce to bring the top-of-the-line brains. This has enabled us to produce quality reports. Not only clients are satisified, but also the relavant authorities. 
The website is full of information that would cover all your environmental needs. navigate, contact and we will always be there. 
We provide a wide range of environmental services, spanning high level policy advice to government and private sectors in order to meet their environmental goals and objectives for sustainable development
Since the establishment of Arensco in 2006, we have conducted over 500 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies for a wide range of clients including Saudi Aramco, Mining Industries, Master Planners and various manufacturing industries. In addition to that, Arensco has the technical expertise and the state of the art monitoring technologies to perform other consulting services including:
  • Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I, II, And III);
  • Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP);
  • Environmental Auditing; Industrial Hygiene;
  • Environmental Health and Safety Plant;
  • Environmental Master Planning;
  • Environmental Management System (EMS);
  • Policy Development;
  • Environmental Site Management;
  • and Sustainable Assessment and Advice.
Specialized disciplines are also provided including
  • Air Quality – Including Monitoring and Stack Testing;
  • Contaminated Land Survey and Assessment;
  • Ecology and Biodiversity;
  • Waste Management;
  • Noise Measurement;
  • Water Recourses;
  • and Archaeology.

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